Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dowsing for Water in Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, Eve Andrée Laramée is seeking a team of volunteers to work collectively on a project on dowsing for water in Brooklyn. This experimental project titled, Finding a Diamond in the Middle of a Muddy Road, will be conducted with a skeptical eye, yet an open mind, and will involve mapping the Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn area using sets of dowsing rods and a GPS unit. The intention is to examine how the information recorded through the procedure of dowsing (also known as water divining or water-witching) compares/correlates to historical maps of the springs, creeks and streams that existed near Bushwick Creek, now known as Bushwick Inlet, prior to the urban concrete strata now covering it.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please leave your contact information in the comments section, or email the artist directly at wander-at-earthlink-dot-net. Participants will receive a set of dowsing rods to keep.

A blog has been set up for the project, and more information will be posted on it:

Eve Andrée Laramée website:


  1. here is a link to more old G/W maps, perhaps you already know it:
    Best of luck with your project,

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